How to Play “He’s a 10 But” – The Viral Trend on Twitter and TikTok

Social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok constantly give rise to new trends and challenges that captivate users worldwide. One such trend that has recently taken the internet by storm is “He’s a 10 But.” Originating from Twitter and gaining momentum on TikTok, this viral trend involves participants rating someone as a “10” while pointing out unique or peculiar qualities. In this article, we will delve into the details of how to play “He’s a 10 But” and explore some interesting questions that can be used in the game.

Understanding the Concept

“He’s a 10 But” is essentially a game where participants come up with creative and often humorous ways to describe someone’s appearance or personality. The key is to acknowledge the person’s attractiveness or positive qualities as a “10” while playfully pointing out an unexpected trait or feature that adds a humorous twist. It’s all in good fun and allows participants to showcase their wit and creativity.

Playing “He’s a 10 But”

To play “He’s a 10 But,” follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a Participant

Designate one person as the focus of the game. It could be a celebrity, a friend, or anyone else whose qualities you want to highlight in a playful manner.

Step 2: Set the Tone

Establish the tone of the game, ensuring that it remains light-hearted and humorous. Emphasize that the objective is to highlight the person’s positive attributes while adding a comical twist.

Step 3: Start the Round

Begin by stating “He’s a 10 but…” and then complete the sentence with a humorous observation or quirky detail. For example, “He’s a 10 but has a collection of mismatched socks that would put Picasso to shame.”

Step 4: Rotate Participants

Allow each participant to take turns making their own “He’s a 10 but” statements. This creates a fun and interactive atmosphere where everyone can contribute their own unique take on the game.

Step 5: Maintain Respect

It’s important to ensure that all statements made during the game are light-hearted and respectful. Avoid personal attacks or hurtful comments that may cross boundaries or offend others. The aim is to entertain, not to harm.

Interesting “He’s a 10 But” Questions

Here are a few examples of questions that can be used to play “He’s a 10 But”:

  1. “He’s a 10 but always gets stuck in revolving doors.”
  2. “She’s a 10 but has a pet parrot that only speaks Klingon.”
  3. “He’s a 10 but puts pineapple on pizza and claims it’s the perfect combination.”
  4. “She’s a 10 but can name all the capitals of the world in alphabetical order.”
  5. “He’s a 10 but has a secret talent for playing the spoons like a professional percussionist.”

These questions serve as starting points for your own creativity and can be adapted to suit the person or theme you choose.


The “He’s a 10 But” trend on Twitter and TikTok has gained immense popularity due to its humorous and lighthearted nature. It allows participants to showcase their wit and creativity while acknowledging someone’s positive attributes. By following the simple steps outlined in this article and using interesting questions, you can enjoy this viral trend with your friends and create an entertaining and memorable experience. Remember, the key is to have fun, be respectful, and let your imagination run wild as you play “He’s a 10 But.”

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