LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness Resources in Houston

Accessing easy and stigma-free care for a sudden onset of symptoms or for planned preventative care is a basic human right that, unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to exercise. Besides the issue of health-care costs, LGBTQ+ persons often face the issue of discrimination.  While it may not always be the easiest care to seek, whether based on availability or vulnerability, there are several resources in Houston that provide health care services, mental health services, and community safe spaces to those who need them, free of shame or stigma. 

Below, we compiled a list of organizations offering everything from testing to counseling and community engagement. 

Legacy Community Health

Nationally recognized as an HIV/AIDS primary care, prevention, and treatment clinic, Legacy Community Health serves the LGBTQ+ community with care and respect, offering free HIV, syphilis, and hep C testing; HIV/AIDS treatment; transgender specialty care; and social services including school advocacy, housing, finance and employment counseling, and legal needs. Services are provided regardless of ability to pay, and Legacy aims to create a safe and comfortable environment. Several locations from Alief to Third Ward. 

The Montrose Center

Known as the cultural hub of Houston’s LGBTQ+ community, the Montrose Center offers behavioral health and support services, adult primary care and psychiatry, a free wellness program, and access to state-licensed clinicians, master’s-level therapists, and educators. The center also offers a Transgender Youth Support Group which is confidential and available for youth ages 13 to 20. 401 Branard St. Open Mon–Thu 8 a.m.–6:15 p.m., Fri 8 a.m.–5 p.m. 

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

Named an LGBTQ Healthcare Equity Leader by the Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast offers affordable healthcare including HPV testing and vaccines, STI testing, and gender-affirming hormone therapy. Several locations around Houston. 

Thomas Street Health Center

Thomas Street Health Center is a freestanding clinic providing HIV primary care and prevention, including women’s, adolescent, and transgender health, addiction counseling, hepatitis C care, mental health counseling, physical therapy, social services, and a pharmacy. 2015 Thomas St. Open MonFri 7:30 a.m.4 p.m. Evening Clinic Thu 47:30 p.m. Third Wednesday of the month early closure at noon.

Anti-Violence Program

The Anti-Violence Program at the Montrose Center provides support services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and hate crimes regardless of sexual orientation. The program also includes a Crisis Help section with a switchboard providing crisis counseling and intervention around the clock, including holidays. Any Texas resident facing an emotional or domestic crisis is welcome to call and speak with volunteers and staff who are trained to provide information and resources. Other available resources include advocacy, accompaniment, counseling, compensation, education, and an emergency shelter. Switchboard 24-hr help line: 713-529-3211. Physical location at the Montrose Center.

Seniors Preparing for Rainbow Years (SPRY)

A safe place for LGBTQ+ seniors ages 60 and over to get support and connect with other seniors. The program offers life-enhancing services such as community outreach, men’s support groups, counseling, case management, recreational activities, and other health and wellness services. Part of the program includes the SPRY Montrose Diner, which is a hub for friendships and community in an LGBTQ+-affirming environment. The diner serves lunch at noon; guests are welcome to bring partners and caregivers at no charge and can partake in games and coffee before lunch. There is no charge for eligible seniors, but guests are encouraged to RSVP by email or call 713-485-5072 and leave a message. SPRY Montrose Diner: Law Harrington Senior Living Center, 2222 Cleburne St. Open Mon–Fri at 9:30 a.m. Lunch is served at noon. 

Crofoot MD

Offering stigma-free care, Crofoot MD is an LGBTQ+ general clinic focusing on HIV/AIDS research, hepatitis C, and various treatment options ranging from on-site lab work to longer-than-average appointment lengths and same-day appointments. The clinic gives patients the opportunity to disclose their preference for either feminine, masculine, or gender-neutral pronouns and a choice between male or female doctors, creating a safe and welcoming environment. 3701 Kirby Dr. #1230

Heights Family Counseling

Offering in-person and virtual appointments, Heights Family Counseling creates a nonjudgmental space for the LGBTQ+ community to work through challenges in understanding sexuality and gender identity and a variety of life’s issues. The center also offers teen therapy, family therapy, and assistance for parents processing and supporting LGBTQ+ teens. You can find Heights Family Counseling in both San Antonio and Houston. 2500 Summer St #1220 

REFUGE Restrooms

REFUGE Restrooms is an online resource locator for restrooms rated safe for transgender, intersex, and gender-nonconforming individuals. Users can search for safe restrooms in their area and add new restroom listings, as well as rate and comment on existing entries.


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